About Us

KOJOOIN is committed to creating casual women wears that are fashionable, simple, comfortable, colorful, unique and compatible. It is our goal to make every customer dress healthily,comfortably, appropriately and beautifully. Rich product styles including tops, coats, dresses, trousers, underwears and shoes, etc. can meet the basic needs of mass consumers. Combined with fashion elements and consumer preference, kojooin can let every ordinary customer wear both fashionable and characteristic clothes and show off their special glamour and confidence. Good cut, rich colors, inclusive sizes, and high function-price ratio also allow women with different shapes, different colors, and in different life stages, to highlight personal styles.

Our Mission

KOJOOIN is stick to design and provide casual styles that are both fashionable and comfortable, to make every user find their comfort, confidence and beauty.  KOJOOIN is on a mission to design comfortable and fashionable casual clothes to help every customer to find their confidence, beauty.

Our vision

KOJOOIN'S purpose is to make it possible for every customer to get the most comfortable and fashionable clothing at the lowest prices and live the most beautiful, healthy, and relaxing lifestyle.